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things to consider while making website

Things to consider while making a website

In today's era of automation businesses are growing rapidly. And every business whether small or large needs a website to be successful in today's marketplace.

However, businesses make their website but the website remains unsuccessful. It doesn't work for business.

Why it happens?

The matter of fact is its user friendliness and eye catching appearance. But, designing such kind of website that works for you isn't an easy task.

There are several things to consider while making a website. Following are some things you should keep in mind while creating a user friendly website.

Don't use hard to read font

The typography of web content matters the most. If you are using stylish fonts but these are not easy to understand then audience will get stuck. So, you should use easy to read fonts and not more than 2 fonts for a website.

Make it mobile and tablet friendly also

The website should also be mobile and tablet friendly. It means, whole the information including text, images, links etc is easily accessible on smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. It will help in creating better user experience.

Make it search engine optimized

Search engine optimization means your website appears in Google and other search engines when people search for it. In simple words, a search engine optimized site means your website is designed in the way that search engine can understand. On site optimization is very necessary to rank on search engines and get noticed by people.

Add CTA but not too many

CTA or call to action is the button on your website that prompts the user to click it and take action. "click here", " get a quote ", " join us", "learn more" are some examples of CTA. A website should have CTA but not so many. A single CTA should be on landing page, contact page and multiple CTA should be on service page, shop page etc. CTAs are important because they help business to convert the visitors into potential customers.

Add social buttons

Social media is an effective mean of marketing. You may have seen social media buttons on websites. These buttons are helpful for marketing your business and increase audience on your website. It will help your business to grow faster.

Add links to blogs

It is very beneficial to add links to your website. There are two types of links- inbound or internal links and outbound or external links. Inbound links are those which lead the reader somewhere else on your own website. Outbound links are those which lead the reader to another site or webpage of another site. These links help your site to expand your reach and make your site user friendly.

Add reviews by clients

Reviews are the testimonials given by customers or clients for providing them service. These reviews help you to advertise your business and build trust among customers because 72% of customers trust online recommendations as much as personal recommendations (according to a study).

Keep the content simple and understandable

Your website must contain the content that is easy to read and understand. You should not use hard to read and typical words. It can annoy the customers. A simple and understandable content helps users to relate with your website.

User experience matters

Only having a website is not enough. Your website must offer user experience because only a user friendly website can work for you and helps your visitors find what they are looking for.

Don't center align the multiple lines

The content on your website must not be center aligned for multiple lines because center align is only best for one liners and headings.

Must be easy to navigate

A website must be easy to navigate because if it is confusing and hard to navigate, the customers will leave your site. For easy navigation, you should make the layout or site map of your website more efficient and remove unnecessary pages from it. You can also add navigation buttons on top bar of your website.

Active blogging

Blogging is an effective way to increase traffic on your website. So, you should keep your blogs regularly updated. Active blogging also helps in ranking your website on the search engines because you are regularly posting fresh content on various search engines like Google and Yahoo etc.

Website security

Website security is very crucial. So, you must secure your website from both frontend and backend. Most of the customers don't feel safe putting their information into your website because it is a matter of confidentiality. Even your intention is good but fear of theft is always there. So you must ensure that your website is secure.

Keep it copyright protected

Your website is your brand and most importantly your intellectual property because it contains the original content that is relevant to your business, products and services. You must make your site copyright protected so that no one can copy your website information.

Test it at the end

After making your website, make sure to test it on different browsers. Also test that website is performing well on small screens like mobile and tablet.

So, these were some of the tips that will surely help you in designing the best website.

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