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How Designs Work?

Designing skill is one of the most promising skills in today's era. Today, the world is of those who can have an impact on the audience's mind and can promote the business in the right direction. Because today the world is digital and everyone spend most of their time on internet. So, it is easy to show the product to the audience. And graphic designing is the skill that helps marketers and sales persons to implement the idea into the real world.

Today, most of the books get sold due to designing of cover page and influential heading of book. Most of the YouTube videos are clicked due to its attractive thumbnail. So, all, product cover design, banner design, ads design and logo design are most important to make a brand viral.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has a theory that it is not only to create a great product, its design and UI also needs to be beautiful and user friendly.

In the 21st century, it is very easy to make the brand viral and earn a lot of money by great design. Great design helps you to let people know about your business and brand. Everyone will watch and use your product once and will use it permanently. At last, the quality of product matters.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like, design is how it works." ~Steve Jobs

Of course, this is what we actually need to understand. Steve Jobs, who is the founder of the most successful companies like Apple and Pixel, has already written this for us.

Most of the designers think that designing is just to make a beautiful banner and copy and paste the design from one to another.

But, creative designs are those which have direct impact on the audience's mind and once any person sees that design, he will remember it for whole life.

Design builds the trust between brand and customer. There is need to understand the psychology of colours, typography, how to think differently and learn manipulation and creativity.

Some people think that creativity is inside us and we don't need to learn it. But, creativity is about taking the right decision, the decision to choose one from right path or wrong path. Our learning and habits can generate creativity in us. It's all about practicing and acquiring more knowledge.


Design speaks!!!

Creative design speaks and leave a remark on viewer's mind.

In graphic design,

  1. First, we will understand what the client wants, what is his requirement and how he can grow in business.
  2. plan and find competitor's website and find that what are their weak points.
  3. after research, design a sketch or wireframe of the brand.
    (If the business is purely new, we create the logo for that business.)
  4. after designing wireframe, find the business theory and best colour psychology for the business.
  5. design the mockup for business
  6. client will check and approve the mockup designed

This is how design works.

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