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tips for great logo

Tips for a great logo design

A logo is any symbol or small design of company's identity but it is much more than just a symbol or design. It is the fundamental part of business. A logo helps identifying your business, products and services. It is important part of company's brand as it tells customers about who you are and what you do.

A well-designed logo helps in uplifting the brand image of your business. Whereas, a wrongly designed logo fails to communicate the unique identity of your business.

A perfect brand strategy helps designing a great logo. But, there are number of mistakes people often make while designing a logo.

So, here we have come up with some tips for a great logo design.

Reflects Your Brand

Before designing a logo make sure that your logo perfectly reflects your brand and the nature of business. For a great logo design the attributes used in your logo must align with your products and services and your business.

Target Audience

For an effective logo design the first thing you need to know its target audience. You should understand the people with whom you will interact (your target audience) like, who they are and what they want.

Font of Logo

Choice of font for a great logo design is very crucial. If you want to make logo of text then its typography should be nice. You must avoid using too many fonts. Most importantly, you should use the font that matches with your brand and easily remembered.

Color of Logo

Colors play a major role in effective logo design.For logo you need to use colors in such a way that it will look appealing to the target audience. For choice of color it is better to first understand the meaning of colours. It will help uplifting your brand image among target audience and in market.

Prepare a Rough Sketch

Before getting on computer it is better to prepare a rough sketch of logo on paper because initially you have so many ideas and sketching is the best way to generate those ideas quicker than a software.

It should be Unique

Logo can be an object or text. Some people make mistake of designing a logo that is too similar to another logo because of its appealing design. But your logo is your brand identity. So, it should be unique, not copied.

Keep it Simple

Your logo should be unique and simple because a simple logo is easily understandable, memorable and recognisable. For example, Apple and Nike logo, these are the logos of global businesses. These are so versatile that viewers get the message at the first glance.

Use different Size Variations

Scalability is the quality of great logo. You should ensure that your logo appears equally impressive on big displays as well as on mini screens. It must look appealing on all the media.

So these were some tips which would help you design a unique logo.

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